The Missing Ingredients in Business Plans

December is the time of year that the majority of the loan officers, managers, and mortgage company owners decide to take pen to paper and map out their goals and plans for the next year. Traveling the country, conducting live seminars as well as small intimate training programs, I [...]

The Numbers Game

If you have been in sales for any period of time, you have heard the expression “Sales Is a Numbers Game.” This is said so often to salespeople that most have become numb to this expression. This is similar as to when you were a child, and for some [...]

The Myth About Technology and Origination Productivity

There is not a day that goes by in which I don’t see a product or service that is marketed to loan originators that promises to make them more productive and work less. From claims that an originator never has to leave their home, to the promise that borrowers [...]

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