If I were setting up training for my mortgage group, I would want to have an industry veteran like Ron Vaimberg leading the way. Ron is not only a veteran of the mortgage industry, he is an energetic leader who believes in his message. I truly believe that the purpose of education is not to fill their minds with facts--but to light their fire. Ron is a speaker who does just that.


    — Dave Hershman
OriginationPro Mortgage School



Ron Vaimberg's no nonsense approach to origination is what has been missing from the mortgage industry for too long. Most originators are looking for the latest and greatest gimmick to attract business, yet the strategies and skills taught by Ron are the only proven methods for great success that have stood the test of time. Ron's training changed the focus and attitude of my entire sales team from passive to proactive and the results have been nothing short of amazing.


    — Julio DeCardenas
Residential Home Funding